Here is a list quotes for Lucky Glauber.

In BattleEdit

  • "Ouch!"
  • "Death Bound!"
  • "Death Dunk!"
  • "Death Heel!"
  • "Set!"
  • "Hell Bound!"
  • "Yahooooo!"
  • "Yeah!"

King of Fighters 94Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "We outweigh nuclear arms." (Vs. Brazil)
  • "You are no match for us." (Vs. China)
  • "Challenge us again anytime!" (Vs. England)
  • "We are the strongest!" (Vs. Italy)
  • "Are you really the No. 1?" (Vs. Japan)
  • "Much easier than I expected!" (Vs. Korea)
  • "My karate was superior, huh?" (Vs. Mexico)
  • "We are seasoned fighters!" (Vs. USA)

King of Fighters 98Edit

In Battle Edit

Japanese English
Youiu da ze! Too easy!
Ore te yapari kimari sugi da ze! I'm just too cool every time!

Win QuoteEdit

  • "Wake up!!! It's too early for bedtime."

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