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Full nameLuong
BirthdateJuly 7
BirthplaceUnknown (Possibly Vietnam)
Height180 cm
WeightWon't tell you
Blood typeA
Family/RelativesGang-il (Lover)
DislikesDry weather
HobbiesNail care
Favorite foodAlmonds
Forte in sportsBallet
Fighting styleTaekwondo-like Martial Art?

Luong (ルオン, Lượng) is a new character who appears in The King of Fighters XIV. She is voiced by Chika Kino.

Appearance Edit

Luong is a very beautiful woman with long black hair. When in battle, she wears a white Asian-inspired clothing with black stockings. She also wears golden earrings and has a pink lotus on her head. Outside of battle and in casual situations, she wears a very light pink clothing which heavily resembles an "Áo dài", a traditional Vietnamese outfit.

Story Edit

Luong is a “femme fatale” type woman fighter with mysterious motivations. She met Gang-Il during his world tour, and fell in love with him.

Personality Edit

A seductive woman of elegance, she likes to "play" with her opponents and feels excited in the heat of battle. Outside of battle, she shows less of her cold side and rather shows affection towards Gang-il and Kim, much to the latter's dismay given that he's already married with children.


  • Stretch Limbs - Luong is able to stretch her legs swiftly like a whip, similar to Duo Lon.


Fighting StyleEdit

Luong fights with a set of stances just like Jhun Hoon in previous KOF installments. She fights almost exclusively with kicking attacks and is very acrobatic. Her legs extend when she attacks an opponent, not unlike Yamazaki but with her legs instead of her arms.


  • Belief - The King of Fighters XIV

Game AppearancesEdit



  • Despite SNK's official profile on Luong's birthplace being "Unknown" there are many evidence that shows that Luong is Vietnamese or at least she was heavily influenced by Vietnamese Culture.
    • The outfit she's wearing in the ending of KOF XIV is an Áo dài, a Vietnamese traditional costume.
    • Her hair clip is that of a lotus, Vietnam's national flower.
    • Her name, "Luong" is also a common surname and name among Vietnamese people.

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