Magaki-human form
Magaki-true form

The King of Fighters XI Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "What amazing, innate ability..." (Vs. Adelheid)
  • "You’re a little lost fool. Your time to repent is gone. Die!" (Vs. Ash)
  • "Sorry, honey, this ain't showbiz. Nothing's coming up roses here." (Vs. Athena)
  • "This is what thrill-seeking gets you. Your fate awaits you in hell." (Vs. B.Jenet)
  • "You've got one bad attitude. I just may be able to use you." (Vs. Benimaru)
  • "Your passion for your work is admirable, but you're in too deep this time." (Vs. Blue Mary)
  • "Kyah, kyah. How goes the investigation? It'll be over soon. A long rest awaits." (Vs. Clark)
  • "You can do that weird step of yours in the great beyond from now on." (Vs. Duck King)
  • "Oh, ho! I thought the only remaining Flying Brigand was, ah, what's his name?" (Vs. Duo Lon)
  • "Blanchtorte. Manipulator of the light...But alone, in the end, it's lights out for you!" (Vs. Elisabeth)
  • "You're kind of a show-off for a ninja. I hope dying by my hands satisfies you." (Vs. Eiji)
  • "A synchronistic fighting style? Amateur of all, master of none, right?" (Vs. Gai)
  • "You thought you were the hero? Now you know, don't you? Take a bow, clown!" (Vs. Gato)
  • "Humans are ruled by a higher power. It's amusing to hear you call yourself the "ruler" of this sandbox!" (Vs. Geese)
  • "What a unique fighting style. Yes, quite unique! Koo, hah, hah, hah!" (Vs. Hayate)
  • "That's dedication, searching for him all the way out here. Why not try finding the land of the dead?!" (Vs. Hotaru)
  • ":...How could this be? Why don't you use your Orochi power?!" (Vs. Iori)
  • "Your JAGA Assassin Method intrigues me." (Vs. Jyazu)
  • "Your hard life ends here, now. Pray now, If you have a god to pray to." (Vs. K')
  • "Ancient martial arts? Why do you insist on stagnancy?" (Vs. Kasumi)
  • "You seem to have an intriguing power, what happened to it...?" (Vs. Kensou)
  • "Justice this, justice that... You chatter like a harpy!" (Vs. Kim)
  • "Relax. All humans are bound to be dropped into Naraku." (Vs. King)
  • "Another relic of NESTS. How many of you are left...?" (Vs. Kula)
  • "Seems only your brand is popular. The Way of Kusanagi...what a letdown!" (Vs. Kyo)
  • "You do fine impressions... But shallow tricks will be met with punishment!" (Vs. Himself)
  • "Only humans can be mesmerized by all your jumping around." (Vs. Malin)
  • "Interesting magic trick... But trying to beat me with it? That's a joke." (Vs. Mai)
  • "Think you've transcended humanity? Guess again, cyber freak...!" (Vs. Maxima)
  • "First time you've had a regret? Reflect on this first and last time." (Vs. Momoko)
  • "Hah, hah, hah, that's really hilarious! Someone as small as you calling yourself "big"!" (Vs. Mr Big)
  • "Old man... You're rolling home days have come to an end right now!" (Vs. Oswald)
  • "I know you've been spying on me. I played you for suckers. It was so easy!" (Vs. Ralf)
  • "Sorry you won't die in the ring. Whoo, hoo, hoo." (Vs. Ramon)
  • "The "Raging Tiger"? You call that petty might "raging"?" (Vs. Robert)
  • "So this is Kyokugen Karate? No wonder your gym's in dire straits." (Vs. Ryo)
  • "You craved a strong opponent, right? You can die satisfied then." (Vs. Shen)
  • "You dirty traitor! You deserve to die alone in this wretched era." (Vs. Shion)
  • "My, oh, my...just what does this kid have up his sleeves?" (Vs. Shingo)
  • "A human who seeks transcendence... You're an interesting piece of work." (Vs. Silver)
  • "Oh, I grow sad. You're nothing but a sham." (Vs. Terry)
  • "What’s the problem? Hear the kids crying? Kyah, kyah, kyah!" (Vs. Tizoc)
  • "The big finale of the elderly, eh? Looks like it ended before it started." (Vs. Tung)
  • "If you wanted to be a secret agent, I'd dress down a little, toots!" (Vs. Vanessa)
  • "Guess you should've led a quieter life. Well, it's too late now, tootsie!" (Vs. Whip)
  • "Can't discern progress from mere aping? You really know how to disappoint." (Vs. Yuri)

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