Mai Nakahara (中原 麻衣 Nakahara Mai, born February 23, 1981 in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka) is a Japanese singer and voice actor affiliated with I'm Enterprise. Her blood type is AB and she is 161.5 cm tall. Her nicknames include Mai-Mai (まいまい), Onee-san (お姉さん), Mai-san (麻衣さん), Mai-tan (まいたん), Mai-chan (麻衣ちゃん), and Mai-sama (麻衣様).

Wanting a career in voice acting since she was a child, she made her beginnings as a radio personality in 2000 before debuting as a voice actor in 2001 in a minor role from PaRappa the Rapper. As a prolific singer she releases albums under the Lantis label and has been a member of various voice actor singing units such as nana×nana and PoppinS.

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