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Illustration by Senri Kita

Galford D. Weller (ガルフォード=D=ウェラー, Garufōdo Dī Werā), better known as Galford, is a character in the Samurai Shodown series. He has consistently been in the roster since his introduction in Samurai Shodown with the exception of Warriors Rage. He fights alongside his pet husky, Poppy, and is accompanied by her puppies. His "Rasetsu/Bust" form appears as a separate character from him in Samurai Shodown VI.

His origin come from the manga Animal Doctor, in which the main character has a Siberian Husky. According to one of the series creators, Yasushi Adachi, his wife was reading the manga at the time and he wanted to make Galford a character that would be popular with the female market.

His father was a kind and just sheriff. An iron hand against evil and injustice, many outlaws sought to end his life. He was shot and killed by a criminal while covering a young Galford with his body. His father's dying words were to "become strong", and he swore to fulfill his father's last wish. Galford took the bullet that killed his father and carried it with him.

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February 2018

Heidern is the second DLC character revealed of the Wave 2 of The King of Fighters XIV, scheduled for April.
KOF NESTS-style characters LINE stickers are released:

January 2018

SNK releases the first chapter of Lever Gacha Archive, his 40-year commemorative manga.
Announced The King of Fighters '97 Global Match, a new version of the classic game, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita & PC (Steam).
Nakoruru is confirmed in SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy.
Oswald is confirmed as a DLC character in The King of Fighters XIV.
Announced a new SNK 40-year commemorative manga, called Lever Gacha Archive.
A Korean game, The Fellowship of the Dragon, collaboration feat. Mai, Athena & Nakoruru, is released.
SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, a 2vs2 fighting game, is announced to be available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 this summer. It will be published by NIS America.
SNK releases the first chapter of A New Beginning, manga inspired in The King of Fighters XIV.

December 2017

A new DLC character for The King of Fighters XIV will be playable in EVO Japan 2018, in January 26-27.
Puzzle & Dragons collaboration with The King of Fighters 98.
Announced a special tourney of The King of Fighters XIV for arcades, Burn 2 Fight.

November 2017

A new The King of Fighters XIV manga, A New Beginning is announced to be published on Magazine Pocket app in early 2018, Japan.
Saudi female character "Najd", and fighting stage are confirmed to be appearing in The King of Fighters XIV
Saudi female artist’s design for a Saudi female character won a competition to appear in an upcoming KOF

October 2017

8 more SNK classics were added to's catalogue, DRM-free!

September 2017

The King of Fighters XIV is held as a demonstration sport at this year's Asain Indoor & Martial Arts Games on Sept 25-27.
SNK opens their own online shop:

August 2017

3D Animation: The King of Fighters: Destiny Episode 1 & 2 are available for viewing on Youtube and Steam
Kingdom Story collaboration with Samurai Shodown V Special, ft. Haohmaru, Charlotte, Kyoshiro, Rimururu, Hanzo, Shizumaru and Mizuki [1]

June 2017

KOF characters LINE stickers are released:

May 2017

15 SNK Neo-Geo classics are now available DRM-Free on!
Nintendo Switch™ ACA NEOGEO series achieves over 200,000 downloads worldwide!

February 2017

SNK announced The King of Fighters XIV World Championship (WCS). The grand finals were held in Tokyo on February 18. An archived live steam of the finals is available on their Twitch.

April 2016

SNK Playmore is now SNK and will be reusing its older logo and motto.
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