Mamahaha as illustrated by Shiroi Eiji.
Full nameMamahaha
BirthplaceAinu Moshiri Kamui Kotan, Japan
Family/RelativesNakoruru (owner)
Job/OccupationProtector of the treasured sword, Chichi-ushi
LikesThe natural surroundings of Kamui Kotan, times when she doesn't need to fight
DislikesThose who threaten nature
Favorite foodRats and frogs (also hamsters and swallows in KOF)
Special skillExcellent night vision
Most unpleasantShe would like to fly freely someday
Fighting styleSoul Power (霊力, Rei Chikara)

Mamahaha (ママハハ) is Nakoruru's hawk companion introduced in Samurai Shodown who acts as an exclusive helper to Nakoruru's Shura/Slash form in Samurai Shodown III. Her name translates to "stepmother."


One of Nakoruru's first close animal companions, Mamahaha is always looking out for Nakoruru. It is Mamahaha who first tells Nakoruru of her father's disappearance. Throughout the series, she often found by Nakoruru's side.


A loyal and faithful companion to Nakoruru always trying to help her in whatever way possible to protect nature.


  • Charge - Mamahaha can perform charges against opponents.
  • Hurricane - Mamahaha can flap her wings very quickly and throw a mini hurricane against opponents.

Fighting StyleEdit

Mamahaha can be used by the player to attack opponents in a diagonal aerial attack. When used efectively, she acts as Nakoruru's projectile and anti-air defense. The player may also command Nakoruru to use her as a mount for a limited time. Whilst she is in the air, players can command the pair to hover higher, drop, or use Nakoruru to attack foes. She may do so normally from Mamahaha's height or players may choose to drop her in a swirl attacking motion or use a diagonal nosedive attack. This allows players to confuse opponents on the proper direction needed to block, leading the way for an open hit. She isn't seen on-screen in Sen but can fly in when Nakoruru needs her.

Game AppearancesEdit

Mobile AppearancesEdit

  • Kimi wa Hero
  • Samurai Shodown Tenkadaiichi Kenkakuden

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