Gowcaizer Marion copy
Full nameDefense Egoistic System/Compureate-Prot (DES/CO-P) IV "Marionette"
BirthdateFebruary 28, 2017; 3 months old
Height158 cm (5'2")
Weight368 kg (811 lbs)
Blood typeLS∵ Response cycle accumulation chip A type "Model 7"
Job/OccupationCampus moral protector of the 22nd area
LikesBall Boy, aligning electrodes, Option program library 1 "How to Make Friends", Option program library 2 "How to Create Love"
DislikesHigh amounts of electricity, high amounts of humidity, small animals, rust

Marion (マリオン) is a character from Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer. Its official nickname is The Moving Giant Fortress. It is voiced by Yoshiyuki Kono. Despite seeming genderless, Marion displays female attributes.


Marion is a recent invention of two students from Bernard High, the German student Griffith Kraussler and scientific genius Thomas Sakamoto. With permission of the American Pentagon, Marion is kept within Bernar's area to test its progress and abilities. If it is successful, it will be used to keep peace all over the world. In its ending, Marion saves the school, but is challenged to prove its worth to other robots.


Despite being a robot, Marion is a caring and polite being who wants to do its job well. It wants to be nice to others and likes to make friends.


  • Hidden Weapons - Marion can fire different types of bombs and projectiles.


  • FACTORY MARION - Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer

Game AppearancesEdit




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