Artwork from Fighters History Dynamite
Full nameMarstorius
BirthdateJune 9, 1949; 45 years old
BirthplaceItaly Italy
Height203cm (6'8")
Weight150kg (331 lbs)
Blood typeO
Job/OccupationPro Wrestler
DislikesPeople who diss wrestling
Fighting stylePro Wrestling

Marstorius (マーストリウス) is a character in the Fighter's History series. He is modeled after former pro wrestler, Bruiser Brody.


Marstorius is a fading pro wrestler who wants to prove his worth one last time in the Great Grappling tournament. When he participated in the first tournament, he earned fame and popularity for his accomplishments. During this time, he improves his version of the Double German, a double suplex that slams his opponent twice in different directions. Eventually, he dedicated himself to the business world to support his family but was urged by his wife to take up the fight again. In his ending to the second game, he is late for dinner and is scolded (and suplexed) by his wife.


He is a prideful and fearless wrestler. The only person he fears in this world is his burly wife.


  • Above-average Strength: Marstorius can easily flip himself and his opponents with relative ease.

Fighting StyleEdit

Marstorius is a versatile wrestler who uses several different types of lariats and suplexes. He can perform a moonsault and drop kicks, using his large frame as his weapon. His special move, Double German, is one of the most damaging moves in the game as it is unblockable and difficult to avoid at close range.  In his Karnov's Revenge incarnation, all of his jumps are possibly short hops.


  • Marstorius - Fighter's History Dynamite

Game AppearancesEdit



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