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Marvin's Maze
European flyer
Release dateDecember 1983
Game modesTwo players alternating turns
Platform(s)Arcade, PlayStation Network

Marvin's Maze is a maze game released in 1983 by SNK for Arcades.


Story taken from the Arcade flyer:

Once upon a time, Marvin lived in his maze and everything was wonderful... until the Robonoids came. Help Marvin defend his maze from those terrible Robonoids and make the world a better place for Marvin to live.


Players take control of Marvin, a red creature with large eyes. Each maze is composed of two layers, which the player can travel back and forth by reaching the corners. Around the mazes there are various dots, as well as Robonoids which will follow Marvin. In order to clear a stage, players must either collect all dot or defeat all Robonoids. In order to defeat a Robonoid players must collect a large dot, which grants Marvin with a one-time use laser beam, or use the bridges around the stage to make the Robonoids fall.


  • 1 Robonoid: 500
  • 2 Robonoids: 1500
  • 3 Robonoids: 3500
  • 4 Robonoids: 7500
  • 5 Robonoids: 15500
  • Dot: 100
  • Super Dot: 200
  • Trick (remove ground from under Robonoid): 500
  • Bonus at end of round: 500 X number of Robonoids destroyed

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