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Masahiro Nonaka

Masahiro Nonaka (野中 政宏 , Nonaka Masahiro) is a Japanese seiyū (voice actor), born on October 15, 1968 in Hiroshima, Japan. He is affiliated with Bosu Idol. Nonaka has been excessively famous for his role as Kyo Kusanagi, as well as the two Kyo clones, Kyo-1 and Kyo-2, in The King of Fighters fighting game series. Nonaka is also the voice of another SNK character, Basara in the Samurai Shodown series.

Nonaka has made several event appearances in Japan, including live Neo Geo DJ Station concerts and promotional appearances for various SNK games. He has also appeared on the previously aired Japanese radio show Game Dra Night, hosted by Kyōko Hikami and Takehito Koyasu (coincidentially, Koyasu is the voice of Kyo's student, Shingo Yabuki, in the The King of Fighters series). As Kyo, he also participates as a member of SNK's character image band, Band of Fighters.

He gains an in-game reference in the first SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash in a character named "Nonaka". The player has to challenge him to get the golden coin they need for the tournament finals. His deck uses fire-based characters and includes any card that alludes to Kyo in essence or as a visual base.

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