Artwork from Fighter's History Dynamite
Full nameMatlok Jade
BirthdateJuly 12, 1968; 26 years old
BirthplaceFlag of the United Kingdom.svg England
Height172cm (5'8")
Weight60kg (132 lbs)
Blood typeO
LikesLive concerts
DislikesHeavy metal
Fighting stylePunks (what type of "punk" is unknown)

Matlok Jade (マットロック・ジェイド) is a character in the Fighter's History series.


Matlok is a guitarist who wants to create the best punk rock band in the world. He enters the Great Grapple tournament once he hears that "K" has a legendary bass -one that can play any song the player wishes- in his treasure vault. In the second game, he enters the tournament with hopes to use the boss' riches finance his band's worldwide concert. The character is based on sex pistols bass guitarist Glen Matlock.


An ambitious and brash fighter who wants to be a rock star.


  • Energy Projectile: Matlok can fire a spinning projectile of energy.
  • Energy Attacks: Matlok can increase damage of normal attacks by adding ki energy to it.

Fighting StyleEdit

Matlok fights using acrobatic kicks and whirling backhands. His projectile has a quicker recovery time than other characters and can be linked infinitely.


  • Matlok - Fighter's History Dynamite

Game AppearancesEdit

Mobile AppearancesEdit



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