Mechanized Attack
Japanese flyer
Release date1989
Game modesTwo Players
Platform(s)Arcade, NES

Mechanized Attack is a lightgun game released in 1989 by SNK for Arcades and ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System the next year.


At first, it looked like just another revolution. But reports have come in that the rebel forces are backed by an unusual array of high-tech weaponry, and that the rebel soldiers may actually be a fearsome new breed of fighting robots. If this revolution succeeds, the safety of the entire world may be threatened... And that's where you come in.

You must attempt to infilitrate the island base of the rebel forces. But before yu even reach the shore, you'll have to contend with enemy gunboats, frogmen, choppers, and destroyers. If you make it to the island, you'll find it patrolled by enemy soldiers armed with daggers and grenades, vicious attack dogs, and lethal airborne probes, programmed to destroy intruders on sight. Other unknown dangers lie in wait as well. But if you manage to reach the rebel headquarters, you will face the most terrifying threat of all - only no one has made it back to reveal it's nature.


The game is played with a Uzi-shaped lightgun. Pullig the trigger will fire at enemies, and holding it allows continuos fire, while pressing the button on the top of the gun will throw grenades or fire rockets (if you have any). By killing enemies or destroying scenery you can obtain various items, like ammunition for the gun, extra grenades or rockets, health packs and bullet-proof vests.

The NES port can be played either with the NES Zapper or with the regular NES controller. Playing with the Zapper is similar to the Arcade game, though you still need the controller to throw grenades. When using the controller only, the player controls a crosshair with the directional for aiming.

Enemies include all sorts of soldiers, tanks and aircraft. After the second stage the game shows more sci-fi elements, as you start fighting Terminator-like androids, culminating in the final battle with a brain inside a vat of liquid.


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