Metal Slug is a Japan-only pachinko slot machine that was developed and released on February 8, 2004 by SNK. The game is based on Metal Slug 2. This is SNK's first pachinko game that was made without Aruze. The official site lists specs and other information needed for potential buyers of the machine.


Like the game, players can chose between the four protagonists as their main hero. Characters are drawn in a super-deformed style with portraits that reference to the original game. Players progress through stages by tapping the A or B button that's located at the side of the 10" screen, and the reel results determine how much firepower the player attacks with. The on-screen action sequences are also interactive, encouraging a player to tap the A button to receive power-ups in time.

A lone cherry reel, dubbed "Cherry Punk", will reward players with a Metal Slug sequence and bonus points will be rewarded to reels until the mode ends. A randomly occurring "Special Stage" shoots the player into space and starts an all-or-nothing betting game. The "Big Bonus" at the end of a stage gives players a chance to review their stats and chances of winning a successful reel in the next round. Lucky players can also adjust the percentage rate of certain reels in their favor.


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