Mevious in Twinkle Star Sprites
Full nameMevious
BirthdateApril 29; says he's 10 but he's really 25
BirthplaceDark Empire
Blood typeA
Family/RelativesZappa and Prissta (pet bats)
Job/OccupationThe Dark Emperor
LikesWorld domination (he's working on it), his bats
DislikesThe fairy royalty, lumbago (it seems anyways)
HobbiesWorld domination, Go, Japanese chess
WeaponSeveral bats

Mevious (メヴィウス) is the main antagonist in Twinkle Star Sprites. His official nickname is "The Emperor of Evil".


Mevious plots to overthrow the kingdom of light and cover the world with his league of darkness. He starts by stealing the Twinkle Star, an artifact that can grant any wish. His plan is to wait for the fairy royalty to take the bait and destroy them. Then, he'll use the Twinkle Star to wish for world domination. He tries to do so in his ending but his lower back was aching at the time. In spite of his original plan, he changed his wish to healing his back.

He keeps track of how many continues the player used to reach him and makes a humorous comment about it.

After the events of the first game his powers have been sealed by the Royal Family and he is forced to do 100 years of community service before having his punishment lifted.


A typical evil mastermind who has many loyal minions. He is portrayed as a sore loser when he's defeated and resorts to controlling Queen Memory to do his bidding.


  • Flight - Mevious has the natural ability to fly.
  • Summon bats - Mevious can fire several bats. Under certain conditions, he can also send large bats or a mecha bat to attack his opponents.


Game AppearancesEdit

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