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Full nameMian
BirthdateDecember 8
BirthplaceFlag of the People's Republic of China.svg China
Blood typeO
LikesHer family, spectators, plain-glasses spectacles, her smartphone (to check exchange rates)
DislikesThe look of others
HobbiesTraining to reveal her natural smile
Favorite foodSiniperca chuatsi deep-fried whole with sweet and sour sauce
Forte in sportsBowling
WeaponFolding fan
Fighting styleSichuan Bushinryu

Mian (ミアン) is a new character in The King of Fighters XIV. She is voiced by AYUKA.

Story Edit

Mian is a woman fighter who joins Sylvie Paula Paula in underground tournaments.

Personality Edit

Despite her high dancing skills, Mian is an extremely shy person, and doesn't drop her mask often, except for rare instances where she displays self-confidence. Sometimes, she can be little greedy when it comes to her contract for money and one of her own desires.

Powers Edit

Skills Edit

Fighting Style Edit

Mian's fighting style is a hybrid of martial arts and Sichuanese opera.


Game AppearancesEdit


Trivia Edit

  • Mian's ability to change her masks instantaneously pays homage to a similar skill exhibited in bian lian, a part of Sichuanese opera.
  • Most of Mian's masks have the same butterfly motif.

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