Minto profile
Full nameMinto
BirthdateUnknown; 7 when the game takes place
Height135 cm (4'6")
Weight32 kg (70 lbs.)
Family/RelativesRan Po (adopted older brother)
Job/OccupationResident of Zegengai
LikesHeadware, collecting tails
Dislikes"Things that freak me out."
WeaponCat Hammer of Autumnal Colors (紅葉の猫鎚, Momiji no Neko Tsuchi), a stylized hammer
Fighting styleNone (relies on her instinct)

Minto (眠兎 or ミント, Minto) is a character who appears only in Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage. She is voiced by Mika Kasai.


She is an orphan raised in the streets of Ritenkyo and the younger adopted sister to Ran Po. Like her brother, Minto is a wild child who was raised without moral discipline and proper etiquette. Her natural curiosity lead her to befriend some of the orphans around Ritenkyo, one of whom is Mario. He is a sort of an inventor who created Minto's weapon as a present to her. She follows him when he decides to return to his master, Mikoto.

Minto's personal dream is to someday leave her home for Ryukyu, promised to be a land of freedom from her "grandfather" Daruma. In her ending, she gets her wish and flies away with Ran Po.


Minto is a playful and curious girl. Since she wasn't taught how to behave properly, she will often spout random and nonsensical lines at whim. Unlike Ran Po, she is cheerful and childish, composing songs and jingles to please herself. She will not take dire or worrying situations very seriously.


  • Flight: Minto can glide and fly through the air.
  • Star Attacks: Minto's attacks will project images of yellow stars upon contact.

Fighting StyleEdit

Minto fights with a gigantic "cat paw" war hammer that is nearly twice the size as her body. Despite her weapon's size, she attacks her opponents quickly though a bit more clumsily than Ran Po. Her low defense is compensated with high attack power. Her weapon produces unique splashing sounds and bouncing star effects on every contact with opponent.

If the player has beaten the game with her and Mugenji, holding the L buttons while selecting her unlocks alternate outfits.

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