Ichiki Mitsuhiro

Mitsuhiro Ichiki

Mitsuhiro Ichiki (市来 光弘, Ichiki Mitsuhiro), born January 10, 1982, is a Japanese voice actor who is affiliated with Mausu Promotion. He co-hosted the official The King of Fighters XIII preview event in Akihabara with Haruna Ikezawa that was held on March 25, 2010. He also appeared in KOF Station alongside Tomoaki Maeno and Ai Kakuma.

Prior to the release of KOF XIII, fans believed that he was to be the new official voice actor of Ash Crimson in the game, however, this was proven false. He also provided the voice of Satoshi, a character who cosplayed as Terry Bogard in Tsukineko. However, he is confirmed to be the system announcer of KOFXIV.

SNK RolesEdit

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