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Mitsuo Kodama

Mitsuo Kodama

Mitsuo Kodama (児玉 光生, Kodama Mitsuo) is an in-game graphics and effects designer for video games. He joined SNK in 1989 and went on to create animations for several of their franchises. He was also the director of "The Fallen Angels", a game which featured the spiritual predecessors of K' and Maxima. Other companies that he has worked in the past include Square, Konami, Psikyo Japan, and Irem.

He eventually co-founded the game studio, K2 LLC, in 2000 with Masanori Kuwapo. He is currently an active participant of their art department. He is better known for his work in the stealth game series, Tenchu.

He is sometimes credited as "Mitsuzo" or "Mitsuzo I."

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