Moriya Minakata

Here is a list of quotes for Moriya Minakata.

The Last BladeEdit

  • "Pah! Foolish wimp! Know your limits!"
  • "If that's your best, you're meat, buster!"
  • "I don't tease kids." (Fatality, vs. Akari)
  • "Master... Don't stop me!" (vs. Okina)
  • "Master... Stop me and die!" (Fatality, vs. Okina)
  • "You're in for a real treat... A swift and easy death." (Fatality)

The Last Blade 2Edit

  • "Don't make (me) cut a fool such as you." (High health)
  • "Know you're (your) faults. For they are many!" (Medium health)
  • "I failed. I'm too late." (Low health)
  • "If I were you, I'd curse your incompetence!" (Fatality)
  • "By beating you, I've learned nothing." (Mirror Match)

Neo-Geo Battle ColiseumEdit

  • "If I ever see you again... I'll sashimi you!"
  • "Secrets of the Fatal Blade? Teach it to your new friends...your new friends in hell."
  • "Before making a challenge, know what you are made of!"
  • "You are fortunate to die..."
  • "That's my "Katsura of the Moon". Its blade is indestructible!" (vs. Cyber Woo)
  • "The enemy is us? You said a mouthful." (vs. Himself)
  • "We'll never forgive each other. It’s the way it is... It’s the way it will be" (vs. Kaede)
  • "Kusanagi, you say? ...I have heard that name from my Master long ago..." (vs. Kyo)

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