Mr. Big

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In BattleEdit

  • "Over so soon?"
  • "Blaster!"
  • "Happy guy!"
  • "Dosukoi! (どすこい!)"

Art of FightingEdit

Pre-Battle DialogueEdit

  • "Come on!!"

Win QuotesEdit

Story Mode

  • "Yuri, about that girl. She's almost done climbing the stairway to heaven."

VS Mode

  • "What a wimp! I didn't even work up a sweat! Next!"

Lose QuoteEdit

  • "Find the Karate Gym near the port. A strong fighter awaits."

Art of Fighting 2Edit

Pre-Battle DialogueEdit

Eiji Kisaragi

Mr. Big: "Fighting gnats like you is a major pain in the..."
Eiji: "I'm not a gnat! Think of me as a fly in your scalp ointment."


Mr. Big 1: "You sure have a lot of courage with that get-up there, pal!"
Mr. Big 2: "How would you like a nunchuck in your nose?"

Jack Turner

Mr. Big: "To call you dumb would be an insult to dumb people."
Jack: "Wait a second! Are you saying I'm stupid?"

John Crawley

Mr. Big: "So this is our first time together?"
John: "So? For you, this is the first and last time."


Mr. Big: "If you wish to keep that face the way it is, go home!"
King: "Thank you for your concern, but I won't be hurt."

Lee Pai Long

Mr. Big: "Look, I don't have time to fight with Taoists."
Lee: "I'm Confucian and I have a lot of time."

Mickey Rogers

Mr. Big: "So you're John's friend? Show me your stuff."
Mickey: "You're Big, huh? Could you turn down the clear of your skull?!"

Robert Garcia

Mr. Big: "The little guy from Italy. Huh, go home, sonny."
Robert: "I'm from Spain, curd. And don't bring nations into this, baldy!"

Ryo Sakazaki

Mr. Big: "You're Ryo! Huh, I'm gonna pay you back for the last fight."
Ryo: "Great. It should come to about $7500 for the dental work."

Takuma Sakazaki

Mr. Big: "It has been a long time, Takuma. So now I'll kill you."
Takuma: "Gee, Big. How touching to say you love me, hoo hoo!"


Mr. Big: "Hmm, I can't quite figure you out! Chinese?! Japanese?!"
Temjin: "I'm Temjin, the strongest in Mongolia."

Yuri Sakazaki

Mr. Big: "Oooh, such a pretty opponent... Shall we?"
Yuri: "Yaah! Get away, cue ball. I hate bald men, yaah!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Just be grateful I didn't use my plumber's helper, pal!"
  • "I thought so. The power of my pole is positively preposterous!"
  • "You fought well. Who is your pal, baldy?" (Vs. Himself)

Special Stage DialogueEdit

Pre-Final Battle

Agent: "Mr. Big. The Police Commissioner would like a word with you. Could you walk this way?"
Mr. Big: "Hmm. Okay. I'll go with you but I can't walk that way. Bad leg."

Geese Howard

Geese: "Big, I can't allow this independent behavior in my town. Now, I must ask you to take a trip."
Mr. Big: "Your town? After all I did for you? Washing your car, your dog. Why you..."


Mr. Big: "Game over, big guy!"
Geese: "Don't believe it for a second! Fool."
Mr. Big: "Eh! What the heck...?"
Servant: "This way, Mr. Geese."
Geese: "I have lost this time, but I will be back. For now, my farewell."
Mr. Big: "Leaving so soon, Geese?"
Servant: "Mr. Geese, we are entering Japanese air space."
Geese: "I see. How goes Southtown?"
Servant: "Everything is going as planned. Just f-a-b, b-i-g g-u-y."
Geese: "Tell me more. Don't spell it out."
Servant: "OK, whoops, sorry. Anyway, it seems that Jeff Bogard is checking up on you and your actions. We don't know who this guy is."
Geese: "Take care of him. Rub him out."
Servant: "Rub him off. Got it."
Geese: "Out! Twit! Kill him and get me control of Southtown. I have invested too much in this to see my plans ended. The city will be mine. All mine. Wah hah haaaah."


Don't Reach Geese

Goon: "Boss, all of the contestants in The King of Fighters battle have been defeated. We are the victors."
Mr. Big: "As I thought. Now they're all running back to their mommies and licking their wounds. Life is great. We are the champions, my friend. And we will keep victorious til the end. Wah hah haaaaah!"

Reach Geese

Goon: "Geese has been chased out of the city, Boss Big."
Mr. Big: "Hunh. He's probably on his way to Wisconsin by now. With this, I'll be the only leader in the Syndicate."
Goon: "Well, Boss. What shall we perform first?"
Mr. Big: "Take it easy. Let's kick back and have some Joe. Then..."

The King of Fighters '96Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "I can beat you with one finger! Now stay out of my way, trash!"
  • "Thought yourselves heroes, huh? It's so funny, I'm crying!"
  • "I need a reason to fight? How 'bout your ugly mugs!"

The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate MatchEdit

Win QuoteEdit

  • "How's that? Now understand what I am big at, don't you?"

The King of Fighters XIEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "BOR-ING… Come back after you've seen a real bloodbath!"
  • "Did you think you could beat ME?! Humph! You're a conceited one, aren't you?"
  • "Give up already. I'm no match for someone as weak as you."
  • "Heh heh heh. You really took it that round, didn't you?"
  • "Hey, what’s the matter? Enjoy yourself, your life is at stake!!"
  • "That's the difference between you and me!! You're better off crawling around on all fours!"
  • "What do you think? Wanna work for me? I'll treat you well..."
  • "You're not totally useless... But at this rate, the best you'll become is a bodyguard."
  • "Humph. There’s no way I’d lose in a kid’s playground!" (vs. Athena/Kasumi/Malin/Momoko/Shingo)
  • "Hey, Geese. Good job getting this far. I'll give you a rest... In eternal sleep!" (vs. Geese)
  • "Looks like you've become quite a coward. Pity... You used to be far more interesting." (vs. King)
  • "You're not worth anything to me anymore. Get out of here!!" (vs. Ryo)

Neo Geo Battle ColiseumEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • “I'm quite the ambitious one.There's no way winning this competition will satisfy me."
  • "Nice fight. If you want a bouncing job, I just might hire you."
  • "They call me Mr. Big. That's B-I-G! Burn it into your memory!"
  • "That's one fine way of losing. It would fit perfectly with a blues accompaniment."
  • "Southtown is mine! And you're leaving it!" (vs. Geese)
  • "Kyokugen Karate's not what it used to be. Ashamed, are you? Then go cry home to Papa Takuma! (vs. Mr. Karate II)
  • "You really are a pest. I already returned Takuma's daughter to you, didn't I?" (vs. Robert)
  • "That's why kids are dangerous. They don't know their ability until they get slapped around." (vs. Yuki)