My Love ~Yuki wo Dashite~ (My Love~勇気を出して~) which roughly translates as My Love ~Give Me Courage~, is a 1995 image song for Athena Asamiya. It was originally used as a special ending credits song for the Psycho Soldier team in The King of Fighters '95. A video of it can be seen here.

My Love ~Yuki wo Dashite~
Japanese lyrics

Nagai kami no onna no ko

Kare no konomi wa shitteru no?

Nobashi hajimeta kami wa yatto kata ni tsuku no

Dokoka ni ki no kiita Cupid wa inai ka na?

Fushigi na maho kakette kare furimukasete

*My Love mou tomaranai no

Itsudemo tokimeite

Kono kimochi wakatte hoshii kizuite yo hayaku!

Ima wa tomodachi dakedo

Tokubetsu na hito ni naritai

Ato gou senti kami nobitara yuuki ga deru kamo

Hoshi ni negai kakeru doka kiseki okoshi te

Kare ni mune no kodo kikoenai yo ni

**My Love hashiri dashiteiru

Ima sugu tobi dashite

Kono omoi o uketomete yo isshoni itai zutto



English translation

Did you know that he likes

girls with long hair?

For the first time, my hair has finally grown down to my shoulders

Is there any Cupid with any good sense?

Use your mysterious magic to have him turn my way

*My Love don't stop

You always make my heart flutter

I want you to know these feelings, notice them quickly!

We maybe only friends for now

But I want to become someone special to you

If I can grow my hair another 5 cm, maybe I'll have the courage

I made a wish on the stars to please make this miracle come true

Don't let him hear my heart pound

**My Love I break out into a run

And I jump right away

Please accept these feelings, I want to be with you forever




  • The King of Fighters 95 Arranged Soundtrack
  • NEO GEO Gals Vocal Collection
  • The King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match (an in-game exclusive track)

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