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Featured in clockwise order: Igniz, Zero, Krizalid, Diana, Maxima, Whip, K' and Kula.
Known MembersK', Maxima, Whip, Kula Diamond, Candy Diamond, Diana, Foxy, K9999, Angel, Kyo-1, Kyo-2, Nameless, Krizalid, Zero, Zero (clone), Igniz, Nests, Misty
OriginUnknown; possesses a global network and space satellite
Introduced inThe King of Fighters '99

NESTS (ネスツ) was a secret syndicate that used the King of Fighters 99-2001 tournaments to carry out their plans for world domination, being the main antogonists of the second KOF story arc. Their ultimate plan was to collect fighters' battle data in the tournament and defeat them by using another team or one of their agents. Once the world was ridden of its only protectors, the cartel would then conquer it, using the data obtained to make their army of unstoppable fighters. Their main headquarters was located in a space satellite hovering over Earth.

They possessed the ability to create super-powered humans, space ships and satellites, and were able to mass produce thousands of Kyo clones in a year. Their scientific advancements shocked the globe, causing former agents to be labeled as terrorists and targets for top-secret research. The cartel ended with Igniz's death, though Diana and Foxy have since been working to restore it, presumably with more benign goals.



Ranked in order mentioned on the Ureyusa development blog for Maximum Impact:


This list also includes people who have left the organization.

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