Nihon Maicom Kaihatsu, simply known as NMK, is a defunct Japanese game developer. The company initially worked as a second party developer for Jaleco, later moving on to make their own arcade games during the early 90's until their eventual demise in the mid 90's. NMK has gained cult status for their Shoot 'em Up titles.

NMK only made a single game for the Neo Geo, which was also their last game.


  • Argus
  • Valtric
  • Butasan
  • Psychic 5
  • Mahjong Daireikai
  • Double Dealer
  • Hacha Mecha Fighter
  • Quiz Gakuen Paradise
  • Thunder Dragon
  • Riot
  • Saboten Bombers
  • Bombjack Twin
  • GunNail
  • Quiz Panicuru Fantasy
  • Thunder Dragon 2
  • Arcadia / Rapid Hero
  • Zed Blade / Operation Ragnarok