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Here is the list of quotes for Nakoruru.

In BattleEdit

  • "Annu Mutsube!"
  • "Rera Mutsube!"
  • "Kamui Mutsube!"
  • "Mamahaha!"
  • "Ikuyo, Mamahaha!" - "Let's go, Mamahaha!"
  • "Dai shizen no oshioki desu!" - "This is nature's punishment!"

Samurai ShodownEdit

Pre-Battle QuotesEdit

  • "By the mountain gods, victory will be mine."
  • "Scourge to the Ainu, prepare to die."
  • "If you're going to copy me,be prettier about it."

Final QuoteEdit

  • "Who ever defiless the body, nature shall feel my wrath."

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Against my Hokkaido Hurricane attack,you didn't have a chance."
  • "Daring to strike a lady. Think it over in traction." (Fatal Finish)
  • "With the mountain gods. Protecting me, I can't lose." (Special Finish)
  • "Strength. Beauty. I am without equal in god's kingdom." (Vs. Herself)

Samurai Shodown 2Edit

Pre-Battle QuotesEdit

  • "Whoever defiles the nature shall feel my wrath!"
  • "Wao, you are like me! But I'm stronger than you!" (Vs. Herself)


  • "Something evil is coming now!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "I must hurry up. The world is being destroyed by evil power!"
  • "Power, speed and beauty. I have defeated you in all way." (Vs. Herself)

Samurai Shodown 3Edit

Win QuoteEdit

  • "Savor nature's fearful wrath!"

Samurai Shodown 4Edit

Pre-Battle QuotesEdit

  • "This next victory is for mother nature!"
  • "You're one big, nasty demon, you!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Until there's peace,I'll fight!" (Bust - Opponent's suicide)
  • "See nature's power!" (Bust Fatality)
  • "Nature's law: might is right!" (Bust)
  • "I can't lose. For nature's sake." (Slash - Opponent's suicide)
  • "Now you know nature's power!" (Slash Fatality)
  • "I won't forget you! Loser!" (Slash)

Samurai Shodown 5Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Fighting is nothing."
  • "Don't fool with Mother Nature!" (Perfect)
  • "I must not lose, for Gaia's sake." (Remaining life: low)

Samurai Shodown 5 SpecialEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "When defeat comes walk away" (Remaining life: high)
  • "Father please help me!!" (Remaining life: low)
  • "I cannot lose! For Kamui!!" (Remaining life: moderate)

Samurai Shodown 6Edit


Pre-Battle DialoguesEdit

Win QuotesEdit

Samurai Shodown SenEdit

Pre-Battle Vs. DracoEdit

Nakoruru: "Let me by. I'm searching for someone!"

Draco: "A young lady ... perhaps?"

Nakoruru: "Do you know something? Where is Rimururu?"

Draco: "So, you have a human side, after all ... I can't wait to see you whimper for your life"

Pre - Battle Vs Golba

The King of Fighters '95Edit

Win QuoteEdit

  • "I'm fighting on behalf of the natural world." (Game Boy only)

Capcom vs. SNK Edit

Ending Quote Edit

  • "Everyone, please respect and protect nature..."

Win Quotes Edit

  • "I wonder what Rimururu is doing right now?"
  • "I just wanted to make friends with you."
  • "Reflect on your past conduct if you want to be forgiven."
  • "I'm sorry... I had no choice but to do this."
  • "I will never be afraid."
  • "It's not good to hurt each other, but I had no choice."
  • "I hear nature weeping... Don't you hear it?"
  • "Everyone's gentle at first, but they tend to forget..."

Capcom vs. SNK 2 Edit

Before Finals Edit

  • "Hmm... I have a bad feeling about this..."

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Please reflect on your past conduct if you want to be forgiven."
  • "I will never be afraid. I have a mission to accomplish in life."
  • "It's not good to hurt each other, but you left me no choice..."
  • "I wanted to make friends with you. How come we started fighting?"
  • "I hear nature weeping... Don't you hear it?
  • "All people are gentle at first. The problem is they tend to forget..."
  • "I'm sorry... I had no choice but to do this."
  • "I wonder what Rimururu is doing right now?"

The King of Fighters XIVEdit

Pre-Battle DialoguesEdit

Chin Gentsai

Nakoruru: "Oh, what a magnificent sake bottle!"
Chin: "Young lady, you must be new. How about a drink?"
Nakoruru: ""Young lady?" You must mean me. I'm considerably older than you are, actually."
Chin: "How's that? Taking special care of your skin?"
Nakoruru: "Never mind that, I know of another sake bottle warrior. He was a strong fighter."
Chin: "Hohoho, I bet he was... Sake bottle warriors are known for their strength."


Vice: "You love nature, right? How wonderful."
Nakoruru: "Thank you for the compliment. But you see, that is my mission."
Vice: "Is that so? I don't want to damage your cute little face. If you go home now, I could pretend this never happened."
Nakoruru: "Thank you for your concern. But there's no need to worry, I won't lose to you."
Vice: "Hm. You talk big. Now I'm gonna punish you!"


Nakoruru: "Ah, that's a beautiful bird."
Zarina: "Pleased to meet you. This is Coco the toucan. Coco loves papaya."
Nakoruru: "The pleasure is all mine. My bird, Mamahaha, seems to love rats and frogs."
Zarina: "Oh, so it's a raptor then."
Nakoruru: "Since coming to this world, he eats lots of these rats that you call "hamsters.""
Zarina: "Oh... Ah, yes."
Nakoruru: "Oh, and he also often eats sparrows."
Zarina: "Fly away, Coco!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Your life force is very strong... You merit admiration."
  • "I pray that Rera Kamui will bring you happiness."
  • "So this is what being cheered for means... It's very inspiring."
  • "Now you and I are "rivals"!"
  • "We cannot fight any longer... You'll be injured."
  • "No one gets strong without knowing defeat... So don't be so sad."
  • "Are you alright? You need care right away."
  • "That was a close battle. If I had lost my concentration, I would've lost."
  • "I have no quarrel with you, but this is my mission."
  • "I used a little too much power. I'm sorry."
  • "Whew, alright..."
  • "I won somehow."
  • "Such a terrible will... I almost thought I would lose."
  • "That was an exciting battle! I gave my all without thinking!"
  • "You really are the "champion". Your bold moves were impressive." (vs. Antonov)
  • "You get stronger when you drink... Maybe that's Haohmaru's secret, too." (vs. Chin)
  • "Now that's one really big guy... Did one of your ancestors happen to use a kusarigama... ?" (vs. Chang)
  • "You "soldiers" are all very cool-headed... I didn't feel your resolve wavering." (vs. Clark)
  • "Your soul is too stained with proud, noble blood... Please mend your ways and try again." (vs. Geese)
  • "Your flame is imprisoned by hatred... How lonely." (vs. Iori)
  • "Do you get enough "calcium"? You got angry really quickly..." (vs. K')
  • "Carrying out justice is hard... Let's both do our best." (vs. Kim)
  • "You'll be punished if you try to eat Mamahaha, Mr. Dinosaur." (vs. King of Dinosaurs)
  • "Your flame is warm; you are blessed by Ires Kamui." (vs. Kyo)
  • "I really like your nobility and straight-forward attitude, Love." (vs. Love Heart)
  • "You're a very tricky "kunoichi". I was nearly caught in your trap." (vs. Mai)
  • "Mui Mui, eat in moderation before a match." (vs. Mui Mui)
  • "You hit hard; it shows the strength of your will." (vs. Ryo)
  • "I feel warmth flowing from you. You have many good friends." (vs. Shun'ei)
  • "You are loved by many. Almost as if you were the "hero."" (vs. Terry)
  • "You're so skilled with ki energy! I respect that." (vs. Tung)
  • "With that beautiful hair like fire and your hot spirit, it's like you're an avatar of Ires Kamui." (vs. Vanessa)
  • "You're cornered, Wei Kamu! This is nature's punishment!!" (vs. Verse)
  • "You had an evil heart, so I punished you." (vs. Vice)
  • "It's wrong to hurt people! The Kamui are crying." (vs. Yamazaki)
  • "You have a very warm and bright soul. You're just like the sun." (vs. Zarina)

SNK Gals Fighters Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • “I’ll spare you. Now make like a tree!...”
  • “I won’t forget you... Ah, what is your name?!”
  • “Only the fit survive in Nature’s realm!”
  • “Just what is going on here?”
  • “I am the law of Nature!”

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Everyone is so strong... But I must not lose!"
  • "I thank all the Kamui. They bestowed me my victory."
  • "Please forgive me for injuring you so critically. Care for a bandage?"
  • "The pain you feel... Is Mother Earth's anger."
  • "I am poetry in motion."
  • "I passed with flying colors. Black and blue."
  • "My technique is perfect."
  • "No one can defeat me."
  • "W-Why are you...?" (Vs. Asura)
  • "I'm glad to meet an old friend. I feel a little out of my element in these environs." (Vs. Haohmaru/Shiki)
  • "Uh, didn't the bear tell you? Only you can prevent forest fires; so watch those flames." (Vs. Iori/K'/Kyo)
  • "That's quite a nice mask. I could make a fine scarecrow to protect our crops with that." (Vs. Mudman)

SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Is this some sort of demonic trick? Or is this an illusion that reflects the chaos inside my own heart?" (vs. Herself)
  • "You like cold places, right? After get out of here, I shall journey with you to Kamuikotan." (vs. Kula)
  • "You're always focused on your mission. I respect that dedication very much, Leona." (vs. Leona)
  • "I am sure your brother will one day understand and appreciate your hard work, Yuri." (vs. Yuri)