Nanja Monja
Nanja Monja in Twinkle Star Sprites
Full nameNanja Monja
Birthdate? (their age is the number of their hairs, which can be up to 20,000)
Blood type?
Family/RelativesThousands of other Nanja Monja
LikesSeaweed, wakame
HobbiesTaking care of their hair
WeaponReplicas of itself, other Nanja Monja

Nanja Monja (なんじゃもんじゃ) is an unknown race of beings in Twinkle Star Sprites. Their name is a pun of the same Japanese phrase, which roughly translates to "What the hell is that!?".


They peacefully coexist at Achelis Lake and live a fairly simple existence. They never travel alone and have at least two or three of their friends with them at all times. Their sole form of communication is variations of their name and it is unknown if any member outside of their race can understand them. Since the Twinkle Star can't make out their wish, he gives them hair care products, which strangely pleases them.


Studies indicate that they are very shy and timid creatures. However, they have an irrational hatred towards little girls with blond hair, red clothes, and ribbons and will attack them on sight.


  • Flight - Nanja can fly through unknown means.
  • Lightening Bolt - Nanja can fire a bolt of electricity.
  • Nanja Replica - Nanja can fire smaller copies of itself.


Game AppearancesEdit


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