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Here is a list of quotes for Nelson.

The King of Fighters XIVEdit

Character Select ScreenEdit

  • "Appu kanryou, ikuze!" - "Preps completed, let's go!"
  • "Atsuku sasete-kure yo!" - "I'm gonna light things up!"
  • "Ore ni makasero!" - "Just leave it to me!"

In BattleEdit

  • "Kakugo shina." - "Get ready." (Intro)
  • "Nemure!" - "Sleep!"
  • "Tanomu ze, aibou!" - "I'm counting on you, buddy!"
  • "Ore no kobushi, subete mikiru ka?" - "My fists, can you keep up with them all?"
  • "Kono kobushi de shouri wo tsukamu!" - "I'll grasp victory with these fists!"
  • "Ore no zenryoku, yakuu!" -"I'm goin' all out, moron!"
  • "Yatta ze, aibou!" - "We did it, buddy!"
  • "Kusottare..." - "Shithead..." (kneeling KO)
  • "Sonna koto de!" - "For such a thing to happen!" (KO)
  • "Maji ka?!" - "Seriously?!" (final KO)

Pre-Battle DialoguesEdit

Joe Higashi

Joe: "Oh, the hot-blooded boxer! Don't you kick at all?"
Nelson: "My legs are the powerful engines for my punches. I don't need to kick."
Joe: "You talk a lot. But I've knocked out many a boxer like you."
Nelson: "I know. Your success is the real thing. But there's one thing I'll say. You can't get past me."
Joe: "C'mon!"

King of Dinosaurs

Dinosaur: "This is the moment I'm here for... To destroy YOU, I was reborn, and now I have my chance!"
Nelson: "Huh?"
Dinosaur: "This body of mine is covered in scars... But every time I see them, I am overtaken by shame."
Nelson: "What the hell are you talking about?"
Dinosaur: "I have cast aside my past, now have a good taste of my prehistoric power!"
Nelson: "Ah! Could it be... Are you Tizoc?!"
Dinosaur: "Aaagggghhh!


Maxima: "Hey, you, how'd you get that arm?"
Nelson: "Why are you asking me that all of a sudden? A nice company took care of it. Don't try and accuse me of anything weird."
Maxima: "...No way."
Nelson: "What is it, you're a robot, right? You got a bug?"
Maxima: "Shut up."
Nelson: "Hm? You're the one asking, aren't you?!"
Maxima: "I'll have to look into it afterwards."

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Those punches are limp-wristed! Come back after you've worked on your hips!"
  • "You're strong. Let's have another bout!"
  • "Wanna go one more round?"
  • "We gave all we had! Ah, that feels great!"
  • "If you go down that fast, you're not even as good as a punching bag."
  • "You're out of steam. You have to pace yourself more."
  • "That felt awesome! You're the best!"
  • "You'll get hurt if we go any longer, so I'll stop."
  • "Whew, I'm tired... Feels like I went a full 12 rounds..."
  • "Hey, isn't it a little early to sink into the mat?"
  • "Your moves got no style. If you can’t manage your own body, you’re no pro!"
  • "I can’t lose. I have an important burden."
  • "You look groggy. You should take a nap."
  • "Thanks for warming me up!"
  • "This win is for Liccia…"
  • "I thought I’d wear out first."
  • "I’ll be even stronger tomorrow!!"
  • "Wanna go again? Alright, I think I’m stronger now than I was before!"
  • "Brr, it’s a little chilly."
  • "You shouldn’t get up yet. Your brain got really shook up."
  • "I hit you with everything I had. You probably won’t get up for a while."
  • "Sorry. Even I have things I can’t give up on."
  • "Alright, I’m feeling good! Let’s keep going!"
  • "Not yet... This isn't it... I'm going even higher!"
  • "That was a good experience. Thanks!"
  • "If you want a rematch, I’ll take you anytime!" (vs Antonov)
  • "I don’t know much about ninjas, but I know you’re a weird one." (vs Bandeiras)
  • "When you use a weapon as just a weapon, you can’t beat me." (vs Billy)
  • "Even if you wear thick blubber armor, it’s meaningless against my punches." (vs Chang)
  • "It’s been a long time since I’ve had an opponent that worried me at close range." (vs Daimon)
  • "I was almost more scared of your enthusiasm than your kicks." (vs Gang-il)
  • "Your chilling, all-out instinct wasn’t bad. If we meet again, let’s fight!" (vs Iori)
  • "Your kicks weren’t bad… But this guy’s all I need to get to the top!" (vs Joe)
  • "You have a real “I’m still getting stronger” vibe. I’ll forward to next time." (vs Kensou)
  • "My punches and your kicks. It was a good bout." (vs King)
  • "You have some fine wings. Too bad they couldn’t help you out!" (vs King of Dinosaurs)
  • "I think you should get some maintenance before you turn to scrap. Should I recommend a good place?" (vs Maxima)
  • "I’ve been doing too much focus mitt training… I almost only went for your pillow." (vs Meitenkun)
  • "I looked closely, but i couldn’t see the mask change. Just how do you do that?" (vs Mian)
  • "You smart, strong guys are serious trouble..." (vs Ralf)
  • "No matter how strong you are, you can never dodge a boxer’s punch with one eye." (vs Ramon)
  • "That was close, but my combos were better than your heavy strikes." (vs Ryo)
  • "That’s the last time I fight you. Those shocks are no good for my arm." (vs Sylvie)
  • "If my punches connect, I’ll win against any opponent." (vs Verse)
  • "Spinning around, flying and jumping… You’re a funny one." (vs Zarina)

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