Single-cabinet Neo Carnival

Neo Carnival is a claw crane developped by SNK in 1994 and distributed worldwide. The machines could have single or double cabinets, and the prizes were usually stuffed animals and toys, although the machine could be customized in order to make the crane able to grab other prizes, such as wristwatches. The machine had three buttons: one to move the plate beneath the prizes, and two to move the crane forward or backwards. A joystick could also be customized onto the machine in order to facilitate movement of the crane. Neo Carnival machines had a circus theme, and played circus songs when activated. They were ostensibly used on both Neo Geo Land and Neo Geo World, but the Neo Carnival was sold worldwide, and has achieved a degree of success in other countries, especially Brazil, where many machines can still be found to this day.

The Neo Carnival makes an appearance in SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash as machines that not only reward stuffed animals and toys, but also cards of varied rarities.


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