Neo Drift Out: New Technology
Japanese flyer
Release date1996
Game modesOne Player
Platform(s)Arcade, Neo Geo CD

Neo Drift Out: New Technology (NEO ドリフト アウト) is a rally racing game developed by Visco and released in 1996 for the Neo Geo and later ported to the Neo Geo CD. It is the fourth title in the Drift Out series and last in the series.


Neo Drift Out uses a isometric view and simple controls: A is used to accelerate and B for braking, while moving the joystick left or right turns the car in said direction. Unlike other racing games, the objective here is to finish each race before the timer runs out, regardless of your position. Failing to beat the race under the amounted time will give an instant game over. During the races the player must watch out for hazards such as puddles and rocks on the track, which can hinder the player and make it lose precious time. When the player approaches a curve or large obstacle, a warning sign will appear on the screen pointing the direction to follow along with the game's narrator shouting the direction as well. The tracks have also a few shortcuts which are also pointed out, as well as checkpoints halfway through which will give the player more time.

The player can choose between three different cars: Toyota© Celica, Subaru© Impreza and Mitsubishi© Lancer, each with it's own particular stats in speed, control and body. After a short Practice Stage, the player must race through six different tracks in order: European Stage, African Stage, Snow Land Stage, Southern Hemisphere Stage, Scandinavian Stage and Great Britain Stage.

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