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Neo Geo DJ Station in Neo Chupi (NEO・GEO DJ Station in ねおちゅぴ) is a crossover project with the company's two radio programs. It was broadcast during Neo Chupi and aired on Game Dra Night. Mika and Takeshi star as the main characters. DJ Station plays as a drama radio program that Takeshi tunes into to relieve his stress with poverty and Mika. The CD was released on August 5, 1998 with Pony Canyon.


Neo ChupiEdit

Takeshi, broke and bored, stays in his apartment pleading for Mika to come. While he waits, he turns on the radio and listens to DJ Station. When Mika arrives, she brings him her homemade lunch -the first food he's had in days- and they listen to the show. Although he's elated with the program, she doesn't quite understand it. Shocked that there is one thing in the world they don't relate with, Mika begins to cry. He lies that he doesn't quite understand it either to cheer her up. While they're out in the town, Takeshi tries to tune into the station whenever Mika isn't around.

Their date is suddenly interrupted by Takeshi's invitation to the King of Fighters tournament. Both of them then search the town for possible teammates. Since Mika can't fight, they go to the Illusion to try and ask King for help. When she explains that she is already taken, Takeshi asks Blue Mary. Since both women are tied up with their own teams, they eventually go to the fighting ring and scout for another member. Takeshi dismisses their only volunteer, Choi, and enters the ring himself out of frustration. There he faces Iori. Although he gets an advantage with cheap and comical tricks, Takeshi is eventually beaten badly by Iori.

Then Takeshi wakes up and realizes that everything was a dream. Disappointed, he tells Mika his dream about entering the KOF. She replies that she would like to see him as a fighter someday which lightens his mood. After they part ways he heads home, a smile on his face. Hoshizora no Melody ends the track.

DJ StationEdit

Kyo's PoemEdit

Finally getting his own radio program, Kyo revels in his job as a DJ. He stages a polite image of himself as he calls other poem writers onto the show. His first guest is Mai. In an attempt to save her image from the last CDs, they talk in a business like manner until she tries to read her poem, entitled "My Sinful Beauty", to listeners. Since Kyo already knows what type of poem it'll be -and imitates it accurately for others- he hangs up on her. His next number is anonymous so he calls it out of curiosity. The number turns out to belong to Iori, who frantically tries to recite his poem before Kyo angrily cuts him off. To try and help his show, Kyo calls Benimaru, who is initially unaware that he's on air. Benimaru, knowing that Yuki is listening, talks about their nightly visits with other women. This doesn't sit kindly with Kyo who eventually hangs up panicked. He reasons that the connection was somehow cut off and starts to read his poem, "The Sun is My Heart". By then, the show's time is almost up so he quickly reads it over the show's credits. He yells to Yuki that he hasn't done anything wrong until time's up.

Let's Speak EnglishEdit

A show hosted by Li Xiangfei and Yuki. The goal of their show is to teach listeners how to properly speak English. They do this by showing two scenarios. The first one has Xiangfei and Choi interpret an English couple with their own Japanese counterpart. While the English speaking duo politely get along, the Japanese duo essentially get angered with one another. The second scenario has Kyo and Akari lost in an airport and searching for their flight back home. Surrounded by Americans, they have no choice but to rely on their laughably poor English skills, both of which mix random English with Japanese. Kyo, angered that the stranger he asked has no idea what he's saying, starts a fight that alerts airport security. The airport is eventually blown to bits by the struggle.

Blue Mary's Detective OfficeEdit

Blue Mary, the world's free agent and detective extraordinaire. She prides herself on her ability to finish any job for any client. While on the job, she spies a suspicious car. When the passenger exits, she's surprised to see the supposedly dead Geese Howard step out. She's about to investigate further until Xiangfei surprises her and blows her cover. Geese approaches them and forces Mary to retreat. Safe at a different location, she scolds Xiangfei for getting her beaten up by Geese and tells her to go home. The girl, possessing a silly photo of Terry and Mary and a personal secret about her, forces Mary to join her. Mary shows her a photo of her next target, who she recognizes as a sad looking Yamazaki. Then, Yamazaki barges in and demands that Mary pay for having evidence of his embarrassing private life. When Yamazaki yells that he's only doing this because Xiangfei screwed up one of his important yakuza trades, Mary recognizes a familiar pattern. They both turn on Xiangfei who states that she just wanted to have fun. In response to her goofy laughter, they beat her up.

Yagami Iori StoryEdit

Unlike the other skits, this drama is a preview for a future show. The show entails the dramatic competition between the Yagami soba restaurant and the Kibagami ramen shop. In this drama, Yamazaki is a part-time worker named Ryuko. "She" has a crush on Kyo, who is hoping to keep a stable job between the two businesses.

BOF StoriesEdit

This drama throws in the extra element of The Band of Fighters series. Kyo, Yuki, and Rimururu are enjoying themselves in a karoke bar. Since they're waiting for the other members to show up, they sing warm-up songs to pass the time. Nakoruru pleasantly arrives; unfortunately, she also dragged along Geese, Yamazaki, Choi, and Iori with her. Thinking that more people would add more life to the party, she desperately pleaded with them to join. Kyo, upset at the notorious bunch for "ruining" the outing, challenges them to a singing match. The group would sing whatever song was next; if they couldn't handle it, he'd kick them out. Unexpectedly, their next song is HEAVY BABY'S 2, an all girls' song that was originally meant to be sung by Rimururu and Yuki. Although Kyo concedes that they don't have to do it, the group wail the lyrics with surprising integrity. The rest of the drama is cut off when Takeshi turns off the radio.

The Rurus StoryEdit

Like the Iori Story, this is a narrated preview for Nakoruru and Rimururu in the DJ Station universe. They are scouted by Yamazaki to join his talent agency, Dragon Pro, and undergo the hardships of being an idol. Their rival is Akari (who is booed off stage) and their mentor is Geese. The music in the background is orchestrated and parodies several dramatic movie trailers. The title is a tongue-in-check reference to the "Rurus Corner" from Neo Chupi.


Track Japanese Title Transcription/Translation
1 「早く来ないかなあ,ミカ…」 Hayaku Konai kana, Mika... / Hurry up and come, Mika
2 京のポエム(今日のポエム) Kyo no Poemu (Kyo no Poemu) / Kyo's poem (Today's poem)
3 PIECES (野中政宏) PIECES (Masahiro Nonaka)
4 「待ってたんだよお,ミカ!」 Mattentandayo, Mika! / Wait up, Mika!
5 話そうエングリッシュ Hanasou Engulish / Let's Speak English
6 「もしかして二人の趣味は違うのかしら!?」 Moshi kashite futari no shakumi wa chigau no kashira!? / Could it be that their interests are different!?
7 HEAVY BABY’S 2 (生駒治美,神谷けいこ,金月真美,麻績村まゆ子) HEAVY BABY’S 2 (Harumi Ikoma, Keiko Kamitani, Mami Kingetsu, Mayuko Omimura)
8 「ホットコーラ買ってこいよ!」 Hot Cola Kattekoiyo / Buy some hot cola!
9 ブルー・マリーの探偵社 Blue Mary no Tanteisha / Blue Mary's Detective Office
10 「いつものゲーセン行こうぜ!」 Itsumo no Gamesen Ikou ze! / Let's go to the gaming center like always!
11 NEVER LOSE MY WAY (安井邦彦) Never Lose my Way (Kunihiko Yasui)
12 ソバ処・八神庵物語(予告編) Soba An - Yagami Iori Monogatari (Yokoku Hen) / Soba shop - Yagami Iori Story (Preview Chapter)
13 「IN カラオケBOX1」 In Karaoke Box 1
14 B.O.F.ストーリーズ外伝 カラオケボックスにて BOF Stories Gaiden - Karoke Box nite / BOF Stories Extra - In the Karoke Box
15 「IN カラオケBOX2」 In Karaoke Box 2
16 るるーず物語 Rurus Monogatari / The Rurus Story
17 タケシ&ミカ K.O.F.への道 Takeshi & Mika KOF he no michi / Takeshi and Mika on their way to KOF
18 「帰り道…」 Kari Michi... / The way back home...
19 Kong’s Blues (ゴング桑田) Kong’s Blues (Kong Kuwata)


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