Neogeo hakase

Neo Geo Hakasei

Neo Geo Hakase (ネオジオ博士 Neo Jio Hakase), whose alias literally translates to "Doctor Neo Geo", is a recently hired producer for The King of Fighters series. His real name is Motonori Tsujimura (漢字 不明, Tsujimura Motonori). He is a native of Osaka. In his "bio", he implies that he loves 2D more so than 3D games. He is a former professional gamer and relates participating in a Fatal Fury Special tournament. During press events and location testing, he will personally communicate with fans in one-and-one sessions, taking note of criticisms for better improvements.

His avatar is a parody of Kyo; the main differences are glasses, a red headband with the word SNK, and a shirt decorated with a kanji meaning "love". Lately, his avatar has become similar to his press appearances and has adopted a proper doctor's garb. He has a fictional assistant named "Pokeko", a girl with short purple hair. She represents the day when the "professor" first got his Neo Geo Pocket. With these icons, he provides on-line commentary for the games he's been in charge of producing.

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