Nicola in Savage Reign
Full nameNicola Zaza
BirthdateJuly 30; 12 years old
BirthplaceFlag of Russia.svg Russia
Height160 cm (5' 3")
Weight50 kg (110 lbs)
Blood typeB
Family/RelativesFather, mother, and one older brother
Job/OccupationChild inventor
LikesHis mother
DislikesPeppers, school, adults
HobbiesInventing, mathematics
Favorite foodHamburger, spaghetti
Forte in sportsSurfing
Special skillCreating duratec engines (they're always ranked as high class)
WeaponPower Frisbee, a giant frisbee
Fighting styleAbilties from his custom power suit (focused on defense mechanisms and power-ups)
Nicola Zaza (ニコラ・ザザ, Nikora Zaza, Cyrilic: Никола Заза) is a character who is introduced in Savage Reign. He is voiced by Kana Ohshima who also voiced Carol Stanzack.


Nicola is the son of the president to the "Zaza Company". He creates the power suit that he wears with his brother. He decides to test the suit's capabilities in the Battle of the Beast God Tournament. In his ending, his brother gets mad at him for claiming all the credit for the suit. They then start fighting each other childishly until the suit that Nicola wears broken down, causing him to cry. His brother then apologize and made it up to Nicola by working the new power suit together and he agrees.


Like all children his age, he doesn't like to be treated as a kid. He's very talented but he sometimes lets his arrogance get the best of him.


  • Intelligence: Nicola is a child genius with a 600 IQ
  • Generate shield: Nicola can use his suit to surround himself in a transparent, protective barrier of energy

Fighting StyleEdit

He relies on his suit to help him fight. He can slide on his frisbee to charge at opponents and throw it to keep them at bay.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

Nicola's name was probably inspired by Serbian physicist Nikola Tesla.


  • Awa Awa - Savage Reign

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Trivia Edit

  • Strangly enough, Nicola's brother is a palette swap of him so it could be possible that his older brother is an older twin.