Samurai Shodown VI artwork by Takkun
Full nameNicotine Caffeine
BirthdateJanuary 9, 1721
BirthplaceHida, Japan
Height135 cm (4' 5")
Weight41 kg (90 lbs)
Blood typeA
Family/RelativesGaira Caffeine (nephew)
Job/OccupationChief priest of Koka-in
LikesHis gold false teeth
DislikesBack pain
HobbiesHouse cleaning
Favorite foodPao de Castella (sponge cake)
Special skillEarly rising
Most unpleasantNothing, he has reached Nirvana
WeaponUnnamed shakujo, magic sealing cards
Fighting styleLight and Dark Exorcism Arts of Togakushi

Nicotine Caffeine (花諷院 和仲, Kafūin Nikochin) is a character introduced into the Samurai Shodown series in Samurai Shodown II. Similar to Neinhalt Sieger, he was dropped from the character lineup after his introduction and is then limited to mostly cameos or background story appearances. He was added as the ideal character for tricky players. His name originated from the fact that one of the director, Yasushi Adachi, was addicted to coffee and cigarettes at the time.


He is the chief priest of Koka-in (a pun on "Cocaine"), a temple deep in the mountains of Hida, and former master swordsman who taught Haohmaru and Genjuro Kibagami. He once exorcised many demons in his prime and once encountered Mizuki Rashojin thirty years before the second game begins. He leaves his temple in order to save his disciples from Mizuki and to place a solid seal on her. In his ending to the game, he succeeds but accidentally lets her loose again. He returns home after her defeat and continues to offer sage advise to Haohmaru on his visits. Shiki's child, Mikoto, is raised in his temple.


In spite of being a wise elder, Nicotine takes life lightly. He has an enormous heart and is often seen smiling, even when fighting.


  • Summoning Magic - Using his o-fuda cards, Nicotine can summon a variety of mystical creatures.
    • Shikigami Summon: Electric Hawk - He can drop an o-fuda card to summon a hawk-like shikigami entirely composed of electricity.
    • Shikigami Summon: Fire Beast - He can drop an o-fuda card to summon a beast-like shikigami entirely composed of fire.
    • Doppelganger Summon - He can drop an o-fuda card to summon a doppelganger of himself.
    • Deva King Summon - He can drop an o-fuda card to summon a giant Deva King, (their statues usually guard entrances to buddhist temples), also composed of fire.
  • Confuse Movement - Nicotine can reverse the controller motions of his enemies for a time.
  • Pump Up - Nicotine can temporarily revert to a more youthful appearance, giving him more muscles, physical strength, and a sword.
  • Seals - Nicotine's experience in sorcery allows him to perform various seals and barriers on demons.
  • Multiple Attacks - Nicotine can deliver several attacks with his staff in an amazing speed.
  • Poison Breath - Nicotine can blow a small poisonous cloud.

Fighting StyleEdit

He fights with a wooden staff and magical sealing cards. Of these cards, he can send projectiles from a high or low angle, confusing players as to which position they should block. The character also possesses a move that can reverse controller movements for a time. Because of his small stature, his attack range is short, though largely effective when once in range.


  • Mayoi Kiri (Bewildering Fog) - Samurai Shodown II
  • Daimen's Nite Groove (Hot Sake Mix) - Samurai Remix VA (shared with Genjuro)

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Game AppearancesEdit

Mobile AppearancesEdit

  • Days of Memories (third title) - in-text cameo; in Mikoto's story
  • Samurai Shodown Tenkadaiichi Kenkakuden

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