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Ninon Beart

Here is a list of quotes for Ninon Beart.

In BattleEdit

Japanese English Translation
"Anata no kata ni...kuroi kage ga mieru." "I see in your shoulders...a dark shadow."
"Ah...bakamitai." "Ah...what an idiot."
"Sonna ni okutte...ikkite iku no natsu raku nara nai no?" "Isn't hard to live...being so weak?"
"Waga migite ni Michael!" "Michael in my right!"
"Waga hidarite ni Uriel!" "Uriel in my left!"
"Waga mae ni Rafael!" "Rafael on my back!"
"Iyo Iyo Zabati Raki Raki!"
"Le Olam Amen!"
"Waga ushiro ni Gabriel!" "Gabriel behind me!"
"Mite ne...oneechan!" "Look at this...sister!"
"Demiurges no ikari wo!" "The Rage of Demiurges"
"Kore ga watashi no chikara yo!" "This is my power!"
"Seinaru kana..." "Holy Fire..."
"...Chinmoku no ou yo!" "...King of Silence!"
"Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas!"
"Anata..." "You..."
"...Shinu wa!" "'re dead!"
"Akuma ga yonderu wa!" "Devil is calling me!"
"Dareka ga yonderu wa." "Someone is calling me."

KOF Maximum Impact 2Edit

Story ModeEdit

Continue: Lucky for you. Time was on your side!

Japanese English Translation Occurs when/during
"Watashi ga oneechan to chigau shi..." "I'm different of my sister..." Pre-Fight Quote as CPU

Mignon's Ending

  • "Same old line."
  • "Oh man, I can't believe you've made it. I wish you'd been killed."
  • "Mignon, you're far from being a sister. All you do is babble on about yourself."
  • "Using your magic for world peace. Well, in school and sports."
  • "I was always better than you. You know it, too. As far as being a witch, I'm better at that, as well."
  • "We both know, Mignon, you'll never be as good as Grandma."
  • "You're not convincing me. Well, look, I'll prove it to you right now."
  • "Compared to you...I have a much better chance of being like Grandma."

KOF Maximum Impact 2: Regulation AEdit


  • "Anata no kata ni...kuroi kage ga mieru." - "I see in your shoulders...a dark shadow."

Special QuotesEdit

Japanese English Translation Occurrs when/during
Rock Howard "Anata...kekkou watashi no Type da shi...hoo hoo hoo." "'re just my type too...hoo hoo hoo" Introduction
Yuri Sakazaki/Lilly Kane/Mai Shiranui/Fio/Kula Diamond(only at MI2)/Bonne Jenet (only at MI2) "Anata...dareka noroi tai aite to kai nai...watashi ga norote ageru shi." "You...if you need to put a curse on someone...I can help you." Introduction
Kula Diamond (available on MI:R-A) "Anata datte oningyou mitai da shi." "It's because you look like a doll" Introduction - Response to Kula
Kula Diamond (available on MI R:A) "Watashi...anata no koto ki ni itta shi." "You are good...but you're not so good as me." Victory
Bonne Jenet (available on MI R:A) "Betsu ni urayamashiku nanka naishi." "I'm not a little bit jealous." Introduction - Response to Jenet
Bonne Jenet (disponible en MI R:A) "Hontō ni urayamashiku nanka naishi." "I'm really not jealous." Victory
Nightmare Geese "Anata...watashi no majutsu de...shoumetsasete ageru shi." " will be sent to the void of my magic." Introduction
Mignon Beart "Oneechan no shiro majutsu ja...watashi no kuro majutsu ni wa kattaku nai shi." "That white magic of yours...won't be nothing against my black magic." Win

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