Ocha-Maro from Samurai Shodown: Tenka
Full nameOcha-Maro Karakuri
BirthdateHeian period; exact date unknown
BirthplaceNorth of Tsutimikaido, East of Nishinotouin
Height202 cm (6'8")
Weight148 kg (326 lbs)
Blood typeOil of four-six-toads, produced at Mount Tsukuba
Job/OccupationShinto dancer, demon slayer
LikesOfuku cha (a type of tea brewed especially for festival sweets)
DislikesDust, rust (impedes movement)
Special skillShinto dance
Most unpleasantNone
WeaponKirigane Okina Uragane Onna (切鉄翁・裏鉄嫗), the puppet and gear on its back and Kurogane Chiyuzou Hagane Yakireha Kubin no Haguruma (黒鉄鋳造刃金焼入白銀歯車), iron rings that help it move
Fighting styleUrashiki Kaguramiyabe

Ocha-Maro Karakuri (機功おちゃ麻呂, Karakuri Ocha-Maro) is a character that debuted in Samurai Shodown VI. Once developers decided that they wanted to add an odd-ball character to the cast, the concept of an endlessly powered karakuri helped them to make Ocha-Maro's current design.

It is voiced by Mayumi Shindou.


During the Heian period, a famous onmyōji learned about existence of the demon world and foresaw the dangers. He created an army of wooden puppets to combat them after his death. During times of peace, these puppets performed Shinto dances for the gods, and their performance usually took place at doll stage in Tenkaku Theater (Tenkaku-za). A century ago, when Mizuki and her demons awoke, the puppet army together with dozens of Buddhist monks went to Mt. Osore to seal her. They were successful but lost most of their puppets and men as the price. The surviving monks and puppet parts returned to Tenkaku Theater.

Only one puppet, Ocha-Maro, was left undamaged and awoke before Samurai Shodown VI. It learns that all of his friends are dead, Mizuki broke the seal, and demon activity was on the rise. Ocha-Maro departs to fulfill his duty as a warrior who fights demons.


Ochamaro, being a puppet, has no true personality of its own. However, he does show respect towards his creator.

Fighting StyleEdit

Ocha-maro fights with its puppet and with iron rings.


  • Imperial Feast - Samurai Shodown VI

Game AppearancesEdit

Cameo AppearancesEdit


  • Tenkaku Theater (天閣座, tenkaku-za) doubles as Ocha-Maro's arena in the game. It's a big puppet theater located in Kyoto; puppets in different costumes sing a song and play various musical instruments. Characters fight on a mechanized platform, which moves up and down with the help of gears.
  • Due to Ocha-Maro's age, a handful of Japanese fans believe that he was created by Abe no Seimei.




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