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In BattleEdit

Scene Japanese English Translation
Introduction ('97) "Sanagi wo yaburi, chou wa mau."


"From its cocoon, the butterfly flutters away."
Oomiwa "Hakanai mono da..."


"Such a short-life..."
Marukare "Sa mu ni kaerou!"


"Now, let's return to nothing!"
Win Quote 1 "Ware yori sugureru mono wa nashi."


"Nothing is greater than I am!"
Win Quote 2 "Ware, Gaia to tomori ari!"

"我, ガイアと共に在り!"

"I am one with the Gaia!"

The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate MatchEdit

Win QuoteEdit

  • "Listen carefully, pitiful children... Annihilation is approaching."

The King of Fighters R-1 (As a hidden/unlockable character) Edit

Intro Quotes Edit

  • "Showtime"

Round Victory Quotes Edit

  • "I am one with the mighty Gaia!"
  • "No one can surpass me!"

KOF: Sky StageEdit

Pre-Battle DialoguesEdit

Iori Yagami

Iori: "Stay out of my way, and I might spare you."
Orochi: "You made a blood pact with me, but the sacred treasure's power is still within you. The Yasanaki power... And your pure, undivided hatred of Kyo Kusanagi has born within you a power to defeat even I, perhaps?"
Iori: "That's all you wanted to say? Then it's time!"
Orochi: "As you wish. I will merely sleep once more. This place here will soon disappear into the void."
Iori: "Nothing to do with me."
Orochi: "Pitiful child of that loathsome clan... As long as my blood runs in your veins, we shall meet again.
Iori: "Rid of it at last! Now nothing stands in my way. Heh heh, Come! Come to meet your maker. Kyo!"

Kula Diamond

Orochi: "Oh wretched child, sacrificed to humans' wrongdoing... It is pointless. I am indestructible."
Kula: "Kula never gives up! Never! Not until I've rescued everyone!"
Orochi: "Why do you struggle? You know that the path you have chosen only leads to pain and suffering."
Kula: "I want my friends back. Seirah. She's always nice. Maxima's a bit gruff, but he's brainy. And K' is rough, but he always looks after me."
Orochi: "The human invention is a better reflection of the human heart than humans themselves..."
Kula: "Aargh! Wh-What was that!?"
Orochi: "I wonder child... The next time I awake. will such benevolent beings as yourself exist?"