P-Chan and Duck King in Real Bout: Fatal Fury

P-chan (Pちゃん) is a secondary character in the Fatal Fury series.


P-chan is a nickname for the pet chick that follows Duck King. She is known for mimicking Duck's moves during fights and sports a similar mohawk haircut. The first known P-chan is named Julietta. She grows up and gives birth to other chicks that continue her role in the series. Their names are Diana, Cynthia, Susan, and Stephanie.

In Mary's homestage in Fatal Fury 3, there is a special hidden action that shows several chicks at once. Their names (starting from the right) are Catherine, Alushiel Annnes Coinbra, Yoshiro Fujimoto, Julietta (the real P-chan), Bob Garickson, Susan, Kensou, and Yoko Shiratori.

Game AppearancesEdit


Duck King, P-Chan and other chicks, as seen in Real Bout: Fatal Fury 2.

Cameo AppearancesEdit


Dk-pchan Pduck Pduck2 Pduck3 Pduck4

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