Paku Paku
Paku Paku from Samurai Shodown VI. Illustration by Takkun.
Full namePaku Paku
BirthplaceGreen Hell
Blood typeA
Family/RelativesCham Cham (owner)
LikesBananas, eating until he's full
Special skillHe can understand a little bit of human language
Fighting styleInstinct and Way of the N'mwaya (Maya) (ンムヤワ流, Nmuyawaryu)

Paku Paku (パクパク) is Cham Cham's chimpanzee companion introduced in Samurai Shodown II.


Paku Paku is one of Cham Cham's closest friends. He is often accompanying her on her adventures. When her brother Tam Tam was transformed into a monkey as punishment for letting the stones of their village be stolen, she confuses him for Paku Paku. When she defeats Mizuki, Tam Tam's curse is lifted.


Friendly and cheerful, Paku Paku always has a good time hanging out with Cham Cham. When Tam Tam is under this guise, her brother is frustrated she can't understand that it is him.


  • Fire Projectiles - Paku Paku can throw various projectiles at opponents such as skulls and fireballs.

Fighting StyleEdit

Although he cannot perform normal attacks, Paku Paku essentially fights as a miniaturized Tam Tam in Samurai Shodown VI. He acts as a defensive mechanism for Cham Cham. He can be commanded to a variety of long-distance projectiles, including skulls, anti-air fireballs, and himself through a spinning-split kick attack.

Game AppearancesEdit


Pakupakuss2 Pakupakuss6doll

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