PIECES is an upbeat rock inspired image song for Kyo Kusanagi. It was released in 1998 for the Neo Geo DJ Station CD and continued to be re-released on other compilations. A shortened version of this song is included as an easter egg for The King of Fighters: Kyo. At live performances, Masahiro Nonaka will either sing this or Burning Devotion! for fans. A live performance can be seen here.

Japanese lyrics

Daiyou ga kakeruhodo

Atsuku hageshiku moeteru joezu

Genkai ni kitaisuru

Ore wa nani wo inokorete yukeru

* Just a piece of the earth

Wake mo naku korogaru dake

Piece of the earth eien yori tooi basho eh

Komiageru mori owari ga mienai kono mune ni

Kuyashisa wo nomikonde

Nigaku tsuki nukeru itami oboeta

Ashimoto no ishikoro wa

Itsuka te ga kunaru kimi to ore sa

** Just a piece of the earth

Jitama kako korogaru dake

Piece of the earth hitori janai kizuitanara

Chiipoge na mirai wa tsubusu tameni aru kono ute de


* repeat

** repeat

English translation

The sun rises nearby

and burns with a violent passion

I want to pass my limits

and run through the spikes

*Just a piece of the earth

that's rolled up without reason

Piece of the earth forever in a faraway place

The thick forest in this heart has no end

I swallow frustration

when I remember the pain from the bitter moon

The stones underneath my feet

will someday bring your hand to me

** Just a piece of the earth

that's rolled up with past doubts

Piece of the earth realize that you're not alone

I'll smash up this small future with this fist


* repeat

** repeat


  • NEO-GEO DJ Station in Neo Chupi
  • SNK Presents NEO-GEO DJ Station Live '98
  • Neo Geo Guys Song Collection (live version)
  • SNK Presents NEO-GEO DJ Station Live '99

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