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Poison Ghost
Poison Ghost's profile in the game.
Full namePoison Ghost
BirthplaceOcean near Japan
Height44 meters
Weight50,000 tons
WeaponWhatever buildings, ships, and other large objects he picks up

Poison Ghost (ポイズンゴースト) is a character from SNK Playmore's fighting/wrestling game series King of the Monsters. He is likely based on Hedora from the Godzilla series.


Poison Ghost was created due to the unnatural pollution near Japan's shores. Compiled of slime and sediment, the sea became sentient and wrecks havoc in the city.


A mindless monster who trashes anything it sees. It is merely continuing its natural instinct to recycle and reuse its surroundings.


(information needed)

Fighting StyleEdit

Poison Ghost fights by morphing the shape of its body. It can extend its limbs farther than other monsters.

Game AppearancesEdit


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