Nm raiga art
Raiga from Ninja Master's
Full nameRaiga
BirthdateUnknown; 28 when the game takes place
BirthplaceFlag of Japan.svg Japan
Height189 cm (6' 2")
Weight85 kg (187 lbs)
Family/RelativesAdoptive father
Job/OccupationBounty Hunter
WeaponTokutai Onibocho, Guruka (特大鬼包丁「愚流渦」); a cleaver
Fighting styleRaimen Shinken-ryū Kai (雷鳴真影流・改)

Raiga (雷牙), also known as Raiga the Outlaw Red Wolf (無法赤狼雷牙, Muhōsekirō Raiga) is a character from Ninja Master's. He is voiced by Masahiro Yano.


In his youth, Raiga was a lone orphan who stole from local villages. He was eventually caught by an old man, who adopted him once he learned of his situation. The old man taught him ninjutsu, which he modified for his own liking to become a famed bounty hunter. He's after the biggest prize in Japan: Goemon's head.


Strong and bold, Raiga goes wherever the fighting is. He will work for any cause if he believes it's right.


  • Electrokinesis - Through the use of ninjutsu, Raiga can infuse his attacks with electricity. He can send a current of energy through his body, shock his enemies with close-ranged bolts, and have two balls of energy hover around his body.

Fighting StyleEdit

Raiga fights with one-handed strikes from his weapon and grappling techniques.


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Game AppearancesEdit


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