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Full nameRanpoo
BirthplaceWaku Waku sector
Height42 cm (1'5")
Weight1.2 kg (3 lbs)
Family/RelativesDandy-J (owner), Natsumi (owner)
Job/OccupationDandy-J's partner
LikesFish, shiny things
DislikesStinky things

Ranpoo (ランプー) is a secondary character in Waku Waku 7. It follows Dandy-J.


Ranpoo is a white cat that stays with Dandy and Natsumi.


Aside from being loyal to Dandy, it's usually pretty lazy and likes to play with Natsumi.


  • Ignore Weight: Ranpoo can hurl and catch someone as heavy as Natsumi with no problem.
  • Burning Aura: At Dandy's command, Ranpoo can be thrown as a fiery projectile.

Game AppearancesEdit


Natsumi ranpoo

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