Rayar Dragon
Rayar Dragon in Ninja Commando
Full nameRayar Sloan
BirthdateMarch 29; 20 years old
BirthplaceFlag of the United Kingdom.svg England
Height168 cm (5'6")
Weight49kg (108 lbs)
Blood typeB
Family/RelativesNone known
LikesSushi, banana, steak, natto, fried rice
DislikesSalted fish guts, sultry people
HobbiesCollecting Japanese goods, archery
Measurements (bust, waist, hip)87, 56, 86cm
WeaponCent Heat Arrow, a bow with arrows; several shuriken
Fighting styleIga-ryu (伊賀流)

Rayar Dragon (レイア・ドラゴン, Reia Doragon) is one of the protagonists in Ninja Commando.


An athletic woman who was born in England. She became interested in ninjutsu and was taught by the Iga ninja clan. She can manipulate fire and is an expert shooter with her bow and arrows.


Rayar is a woman who loves being beautiful. She believes that everything should be according to aesthetics.


  • Pyrokinesis: Using her ninja training, Rayar can control fire. She can create fireballs in the image of a dragon, firebirds, and shoot several fire tipped arrows.
  • Multi-shot: Rayar can shoot up to six arrows at once.
  • Bushin: Rayar can create two transparent images of herself that can mimic her movements for a time.
  • Shockwave: Rayar can surround her body in a spherical barrier.

Game AppearancesEdit


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