Really Till
Really Till and Drappy in Twinkle Star Sprites.
Full nameReally Till
BirthdateJune 6; 10 years old
BirthplaceDragon Country
Blood typeA
Family/RelativesReally Ries (younger sister), Drappy (pet dragon)
Job/OccupationPrincess of Dragon Country
Likes"That's a secret ☆"
DislikesSilly girls
HobbiesRiding on Drappy through the sky
WeaponDrappy, a dragon child

Really Till (リアリー・ティル) is a character in the Twinkle Star Sprites games. She is Load Ran's rival. Her official nickname is "Dragon Master".


Really Till is a princess of the neighboring Dragon country. Jealous that Load Ran is stealing the spotlight, she decides to retrieve the Twinkle Star herself. She also wishes to continue the 10,000 year tradition of their countries' war with one another. Once she learns that Ran goes missing, she goes on a journey to look for her in the sequel.


A cultured and somewhat vain girl who believes that she is a worthy successor.


  • Speak to dragons - Till can communicate with dragons. She uses this power to help Drappy fight with her.


Game AppearancesEdit

Mobile AppearancesEdit

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