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Reiko Chiba

Reiko Chiba (千葉 麗子, Chiba Reiko, born on January 8, 1975) is a Japanese actress, seiyu and occasional J-Pop singer. She was part of the J-Pop group Aurora Gonin Musume. When she married to Tetsuhito Kirihara in 1998, Chiba's legal name became Reiko Kirihara (桐原 麗子, Kirihara Reiko). However, she continues to be known by either her maiden name or "Chibarei" in business and other public contexts.

Chiba was born in Osaka, and raised in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. She was a model in her teens, and made her J-Pop debut on 7 April 1993, but retired from the entertainment industry in 1995. Her hobbies included computer games and online communications. She was featured in a nightly radio show "Akihabara Young Denkikan". Chiba did a cameo voice appearance as herself in the anime movie Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture

One of Chiba's most notable roles was Mei/PteraRanger in the Toei Super Sentai series Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger and Cham Cham in the Samurai Shodown series.

Since her 1998 marriage and the birth of a son in 1999, Chiba has adopted a more mature public persona. She is now active as a certified yoga instructor, teaching yoga classes and issuing a series of instructional books and videos. She is also the public face of the corporation Cherrybabe, Inc.

She first became interested in SNK when she moved to Tokyo with her boyfriend and played Fatal Fury 2 with him at the local game center. She continued to play SNK games even when she was famous, which eventually was spotted by the company. Her favorite character is Nakoruru because of her "cute and cool" attire, who she eventually cosplayed for one of the character's image song.

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