Profile image of Rinka
Full nameRinka Yoshino
BirthdateUnknown; 16 when game takes place
BirthplaceUnknown; Japan (Days of Memories)
Height154 cm (approx. 5')
Weight43 kg (approx. 95 lbs)
Family/Relativesunnamed family (deceased), Tetsunosuke (pet hamster)
Job/OccupationLoyalist of the anti-shogunate forces (originally a daughter of a samurai family)
WeaponYamijikotetsu (Dark Path of the Piercing Tiger) (闇路乕徹, Yamijikotetsu), a nodachi
Fighting styleThe Way of Muso Seki-un (夢想夕雲流, Musō Sekiun-ryū)

Rinka Yoshino (吉野 凛花, Yoshino Rinka) is a character who is introduced in Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage. She is voiced by Yōko Asada.


Originally the daughter of a samurai family, she was sent away to train in seclusion. While training, her family fell into ruin and was eventually wiped out, presumably caused by the shogunate's influence. Understandably, Rinka develops a profound resentment against the shogunate and all of their representatives.

She resided alone in an anti-shogunate organization within Ritenkyo until Rinka joins Jushiro Sakaki and Saya in an anti-shogunate force called the "Atom Rebels". She eventually meets Seishiro who challenged her to become stronger and more open-minded, a new venue of life that she tests throughout her story. In her ending, she takes his advice and decides to leave Ritenkyo. She tells her plans to Seishiro though he was humorously asleep at the time.


Unlike her companions, Rinka fits the general mold of her profession by deeply honoring her family's traditions. She is stubborn to change and distrustful of strangers, preferring to be withdrawn from the crowds of the city. Her constant companion is a gray hamster named Tetsunosuke, a friend that she feels will always be loyal to her.


  • Petal Attack: Rinka has several special techniques that emits energy in the imagery of flower petals.
  • Sense: Rinka can sense the presence of others.

Fighting StyleEdit

Rinka's nodachi has an impressive attack range and delivers impressive damage when timed correctly. However, her blade may sometimes be too slow catch enemies during her special moves. To compensate for her blade's weaknesses, players can switch Rinka into her other fighting stance, where she'll sheath her blade and gain some close-combat attacks. If the opponent tries to hit her out of this stance, Rinka can quickly counter them and draw her blade out again.

All of her attacks are named after various flowers.


  • Fading Cherry Blossoms - Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage

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