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Riot of the Blood

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Wild Leona and Wild Iori, victims of the Riot of the Blood.

The Riot of the Blood (血の暴走, Chi no Bōso) is a fictional physical and psychological transformation that appears throughout the The King of Fighters series fighting games. It was first shown in The King of Fighters '96.


The Riot of the Blood is a circumstance that affects individuals with partial Orochi ancestry in their bloodlines. This condition happens when outer influences or an event makes the Orochi blood in a person resist their normal blood. In most common instances, those afflicted go completely berserk. Those with full Orochi blood are not affected by this uncontrollable state. Orochi and his followers can directly trigger this within themselves and others. All individuals will undergo minor physical changes (notably in hair color and skin tone) and become more resilient to pain.



  • Leopold Goenitz uses wind, and in his seemingly normal state, is known by his Four Heavenly Kings title without the transformation Chris, Yashiro, and Shermie must undergo. It is unknown if he is already in his form, simply does not require being in this state, or if he is even capable of entering Riot of the Blood. He is, however, capable of triggering it within people.
  • Vice, Mature, and Ryuji Yamazaki are also Orochi's "heads" and represent said elements, but do not enter the Riot of the Blood state as the Four Heavenly Kings do. It is worth noting also that these characters are especially violent without the Riot of the Blood.


  • During Iori's SDM Maiden Masher, he will go into this state and viciously bashing his opponent.

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