Rody Birts

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In Battle Edit

Art of Fighting 3 Edit

Story Mode Edit

Final Day: Wyler

Rody: "Hmm, Freia Lawrence?"
Freia: "You are?"
Rody: "I'm Roddy. I have been asked by a guy named Wyler to look for you."
Freia: "By Wyler? What do you mean by that?"
Wyler: "Well, well, you're that private investigator."
Rody: "Why is she with you?"
Wyler: "Sorry, but I must null the contract with you. I found Freia without the help of a second rate private eye like you."
Rody: "No way, Jose! I can't go home like a loser without getting my dues that was promised!"
Wyler: "Dead men need money?"
Freia: "Don't, it'll kill you!"
(Wyler drinks an elixir and turns into a superhuman form)
Wyler: "G'bye, Roddy!"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "That was really fun!"
  • "You're ready for the pros!"
  • "Don't knock yourself out!"
  • "Oh, go home, poopy-pants!"

Ending Edit

Rody: "Pant, pant, how's that? I can taste victory..."
Wyler: "My head... It looks like it's gonna split... Daddy... Help..."
Rody: "Now, Freia. Let's go!"
Freia: "No. I can't leave him like this. If only I didn't bring the data for the drug, it wouldn't have been like this..."
Rody: "Is there a problem? I have priorities too... Oh well... With my client in such shape, there's nothing I can do..."
Freia: "Sorry, Roddy. Thank you."
Rody: "You don't have to thank me... I guess the problem is how I'm gonna convince her..."
(Rody was walking, until he gets whipped by Lenny Creston)
Rody: "What are you doing! Le, Lenny?!"
Lenny: ""Le, Lenny?!" How dare you interfere in my big chance!"
Rody: "Huh?"
Lenny: "I went through a lot of trouble to find where Freia was, and then I found the place empty! You goofed, didn't you?"
Rody: "Chill! You'll get wrinkles!"
Lenny: "Just tell me where she is!"
(Lenny starts whipping Rody)
Rody: "Cool off! Come on! Geez. Once you get off, there's nothing I can do."

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