Rolf in Galaxy Fight
Full nameRolf
BirthdateUnknown; 25 at the time of the game
BirthplacePlanet Airrass
Height180.5 cm (5'11")
Weight87 kg (192 lbs)
Family/RelativesCaron, Barni and Tetsuya (deceased friends; murdered by Felden)
Job/OccupationSpace Fighter
LikesDrive, shooting, space travel, friends and memories
Hobbiesarchaeological research
WeaponHis armor
Fighting styleSpace fighting

Rolf (ロルフ) is a character in Galaxy Fight and the main hero of the game. He is the rival of Kazuma.


Rolf and Kazuma are space fighters that travel through space searching for good battles. Unlike the lonely Kazuma, Rolf is very sociable and had made good friends towards the galaxy. One day, an entity named Felden murdered three of his friends. Now, Rolf travels the galaxy searching for the creature, so he can exact revenge. He is also on a mission to bring Roomi back to her home.


Rolf is a good-hearted man with an extremely light personality. He is always seen with a smile on his face, even when searching for Felden.

Fighting StyleEdit

Rolf fights with his powerful suit, capable of charging attacks with energy and launching a beam of energy. His fighting style is similar to Street Fighter main character Ryu.


  • Power of Fire - Galaxy Fight

Game AppearancesEdit


Gf rolf anim

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