Rouwe gf-292
Rouwe in Galaxy Fight
Full nameRouwe
BirthplaceUnknown, Forgotten Plains
Height146 cm (4'9")
Weight62 kg (137 lbs)

Rouwe (ローウェ) is a secret boss from Galaxy Fight. Players will only meet him when they beat the game without using continues and are given only one match against him. Regardless of whether they win or lose against him, the staff roll will appear once the round is over.


Not much is known about Rouwe other than the fact that he is a hermit living in the plains. He is Bonus-kun's owner and master, and he was apparently responsible for the death of Kazuma's father.

Fighting StyleEdit

His fighting style shares similar moves seen from Ryu of the Street Fighter series.


  • You Will Not A Mysterious Hermit - Galaxy Fight

Game AppearancesEdit


Gf rouwe

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