Ryoko in World Heroes 2
Full nameRyoko Izumo
BirthdateMay 12, 1976; 16 years old
BirthplaceFlag of Japan.svg Japan
Height162 cm (5'4")
Weight48 kg (106 lbs)
Blood typeB
Job/OccupationJudo Queen
LikesHer Obi (judo belt), older men and women, sushi, all sweet things
DislikesEnglish, airplanes, her father
HobbiesPerforming throwing/strangulation techniques
Special skillIzumo-ryū Jujutsu
Measurements (bust, waist, hip)80 cm, 57 cm, 82 cm
Fighting styleIzumo-ryū Jujutsu

Ryoko Izumo (出雲 良子, Izumo Ryōko) is a character in the World Heroes series of fighting games. She was inspired by real-life judoka, 2 times Olympic gold medal winner and 7 times world champion, Ryoko Tani. Like Ryoko Kano from the Fighter's History series, the main details from her background are modeled after the title character of the manga series Yawara!.

She is voiced by Mari Kamimura.


Ryoko is a disciplined and diligent Japanese judo practitioner and sports superstar who fills the hearts of the people in her hometown with pride. Even since her father left her when she was younger, she hasn't seen him in a long time, and therefore has been training under her grandfather for years. She hears of a tournament and enters there to test herself. After the tournament, Ryoko returns home and continues to improve herself ever further.


  • Energy Ball - Ryoko can create an energy ball in her hands.

Fighting StyleEdit

She uses Jujutsu techniques (which are more focused in real fights).


  • Like the Blossoms Scattered by the Dancing Winds - World Heroes 2
  • Let's Go Outside - World Heroes 2

Game AppearancesEdit

Mobile AppearancesEdit

  • SNK Gals Island Dokidoki Puzzle Shock! 2
  • SNK High School Collection

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